Consignment Details

Our Consignment Service

We offer the most convenient way to turn unused sports apparel into cash or website credit.  We are FAIR to consignors and at this time are offering a 50% payout in credit or 40% payout for cash, based on SKORZIE’S on-line selling price.  We pay much more than the pennies per the dollar as other consignment sites offer.  Our buyers are looking for your specific kind of apparel which makes SKORZIE the best site for consigning your golf and tennis apparel and accessories. Please note that approximately 30% of items received by our consignor’s are not sellable.  Yes, we are particular, but we have found that buyers are too.  If your item is not selected for sale on our website, you may choose to reclaim it or donate it to charity.  There is a $10.99 fee to return unaccepted items back to you and this can be deducted from the earnings of your sellable items.

Shipment of your items to SKORZIE

Skorzie makes it easy to get your items to us.  Once you fill out our registration form we will contact you to arrange shipment or pick up (in limited areas).  If shipping to us, we will email you a label for you to attach to your parcel.  The location, weight and quantity you send will determine the shipping method.  The cost of shipping will be deducted from your sales revenue.

Pricing and Quality

Our pricing is determined by factors including estimated retail price, brand and quality.  We only accept items that are clean with no signs of wear including fading and excessive shrinking.  No damage including snags, stains, odors or missing parts.  Please describe any alterations that were made to your items. To help you get the most money for your consigned apparel, we will inspect each item carefully, professionally photograph them to look fantastic, write a detailed product description and list them on our widely promoted website.


You will get a tax receipt for any donated Items, plus they go to causes that make a difference for underserved families. Clothing beneficiaries include: First Tee Programs, United Cerebral Palsy, Salvation Army and Amvets

Consignment Timeline

Please note the time it takes from when we accept your item to when we fund you your share of the item’s sales price.  Items are listed for up to 90 days to sell and there is a 14 day delivery window.  There is also a 14 day return window.  Pay outs occur after these time windows are fulfilled.  Thank you for your patience.  It is worth it!

Either Donate Your Items or Return Them

If your items do not sell within 90 days we will gladly return them to you or donate them upon your request.  There is a $10.99 fee to return unaccepted items back to you and this can be deducted from the earnings of your sellable items.