SKORZIE Founder - Eileen Klink


SKORZIE is a company inspired by busy women, working moms and stay at home mothers who love their games but budget their time wisely. We women enjoy fun fashion brands that help us demonstrate our style on the links and the courts. I’m a mother (raised two much loved sons) and a busy career woman who has served as the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for the City of Costa Mesa, CA and as an Executive Director for humanitarian organizations in San Diego, CA.

All women deserve quality sports apparel at fair prices. I have a special place in my heart for those of us who work hard for each paycheck, and watch our spending! I’ve also had a long desire to utilize my business acumen to launch a woman owned business that is supported by like-minded ladies. Like many of you, I get a great pleasure from finding a fashion gem at a consignment store or snag a great deal for a new outfit at well below retail.

Before SKORZIE, finding golf and tennis items at well below retail prices (at stores or online) was limited. I’m proud to bring my concept to you! Score when you sell, buy or wear fantastic apparel at SKORZIE!

Your “never pay retail” girlfriend,

The People Who Are Our Foundation:

The concept behind SKORZIE started with a group of hard-working girlfriends who loved to golf. We laughed about our buying mistakes – impulse buys, ill-fitting items that seemed like a good idea at the time, or a well-intentioned gift we couldn’t bear to throw away. These garments sat in our closets, too nice or new to give away. The solution became clear to me – create a space for like-minded women to rehome their barely used or new gear.

Our first “fashion swap” party was launched in my dear friend Connie’s living room. The concept was simple: bring new or near new clothes, a yummy dish to share, and a tasty cocktail to match. Someone’s dismissed garment would become another’s treasure, and we get to spend quality time with our girls. The result — everyone SKORED great stuff and went home a winner!

Those sporty, industrious women at those first parties are now the early contributors to SKORZIE’s inventory, which warms my heart. The philosophy we created during those years is the same – everyone wins by sharing more and wasting less. We are respectful of our consignor’s possessions and offer great value to customers.

Today we can share in a way we never have before. You can find online platforms in many markets, from fancy fashion brands to thrift store goods. SKORZIE is all about our love of sports, wasting less, and our appreciation of a good buy. We are focused on golf and tennis currently and plan to expand to equestrian and snow sports. Stay tuned as SKORZIE grows.

This page is dedicated to the men and women, family and friends who inspired SKORZIE. We look forward to you joining our community and following us on our journey!