Golf Skorts - the long and short of it

I’m almost always in skorts when I hit the links these days.  They are comfy, flattering and I swing freely in them.  But skorts were not my go-to years ago when strict dress code rules at many clubs had us wearing them no shorter than 4” above the knee.  Thank goodness that as more women play the game, rules are bending, and shopping selections are broadening.  If you know where to look, you can find fashionable golf skorts in a range of lengths to fit your fancy.

 So, while a 17” skort is my go-to, if you have the legs to rock a 15” skort, then go for it!  I hear from a lot of women in my shop that they like the coverage of a 19” skort, so I search them out. This article will introduce you to brands that are particularly attractive and accommodating to all our needs. They offer skorts ranging from 15” to 20.”  Buy the skort, skip alterations and head straight to the tee.

 Perhaps the best place to start is the Sofibella collection which offers three lengths of pull-on skorts. Their dozens of “signature” stretchy printed skorts are offered 16”, 17” or 18” long.  Look for ruffles, flounces and scallops in these fun designs.  Shop our Sofibella collection here: Sofibella Skorts

Sofibella Golf Skort

 One of my personal favorites is the “Yaya” scalloped skort by GGBlue. Filter for “Yaya” on our website to find several colors and prints of this beautifully layered skort in both their standard 18” length or a shorter 15.5” version. Check out our entire collection of ggblue here: GGBlue Skorts

GGBlue YaYa Golf Skort

 If you like a trendy and unique look, then Lucky in Love should be on your radar. I feel like I am on vacation when I wear this brand.  They offer dozens of styles in 15.25” for “short” as well as a special “long” selection measuring 17.25.” Our Lucky in Love collection is here: Lucky in Love Skorts

Lucky in Love Golf Skort

 Golftini is known for their fabulous skorts and in their early years, skorts were all they made.  Best dressed golfers will be familiar with this brand.  Their broad selection of artsy designs come in 16.5”, 17.5” and 19” lengths. Golftini Skorts

 Golftini Golf Skort


 Search the Jofit website for the “Mina,” Knife Pleat,” “Petal Hem,” and “Wave” skorts in short and long lengths. This site offers a nifty sizing guide that breaks down each skort by length per size. So, for example you are size large, you will know that the long “Mina” skort will be exactly 17 7/8” long. How nice! Our Jofit skorts can be found here: Jofit Skorts

Jofit Skort

 I have often said that a great game starts with confidence. Feeling comfortable in your clothes helps build it.  When it comes to skorts, that is the long and short of it!