Eileen's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Golfing Gals!

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

There’s nothing better than the delighted reaction of a great gift opened…and nothing more frustrating than running out of ideas of what that gift might be. Working in the golf industry, I run across lots of fun finds.  I have teed up my favorite ideas for you.  And to make you happier, these fit into every budget!

While many of these items are found on the SKORZIE.COM website, some are links to products we don’t carry but are included because I think they make excellent gifts.

Martini Tees:  Those that use them, love them. Easy to tee up, with a wider surface area for the ball to sit on. The ball won’t move until impact. 5-pack less than $10. www.amazon.com

Whiskey Jumbo Size Golf Ball Ice Cube Maker: A cocktail conversation starter. Each big ice cube is dimpled and shaped like a big golf ball. The food grade silicone ice tray produces 4 golf ball shaped ice rocks. $12.50  https://skorzie.com/products/whiskey-jumbo-size-golf-ball-ice-tray?_pos=1&_sid=22f9f1ca0&_ss=r

Whiskey golf ball ice cube tray

Fancy Golf Gloves: High quality and pizzazz!  Cabretta leather lower. Fabric upper is printed with cocktail glasses, pink polka dots or patriotic USA; under $15.  The hard-to-find fingerless glove is also available at this site.  https://skorzie.com/products/cabretta-leather-gloves?_pos=1&_sid=9807abb45&_ss=r

Cabretta Leather Cocktail Glass Golf Glove

PSTYLE:  More than a gag gift, this urination device is a liberating product for women.  She can pee like a man.  Yep, standing up.  No need to drop pants or skort…slide it under clothing and voila!   While I do not endorse peeing on golf courses, emergencies can occur! I keep one in my car and my hiking bag.  Under $11.75 https://skorzie.com/products/p-style-a-female-urination-device?_pos=1&_psq=p-&_ss=e&_v=1.0&variant=42482836275440

P-Style Female Urination Device

Venmo QR Code Golf Bag Tag:  For those who enjoy golf game wagering. Your opponents can pay you instantly.  They scan the QR code on your bag tag with their Venmo app and you are paid! $20 www.etsy.com

Venmo QR Code Golf Bag Tag

Removable Sun Protection Arm Sleeves: Protect her arms from the sun. Full shoulder coverage and comfort makes this my favorite.  Breathable fabric with a mesh back. Less than $19. Look for Umilake. www.amazon.com

Umilake Protective Sleeves

Personalized Embroidered Golf Shoe Bag: Vibrant colors and personalized with initials. Constructed of water-resistant canvas with a wipe clean interior and rear mesh pocket. $22. Look for FabricOfStyle. www.etsy.com

Custom Embroidered Golf Shoe Bag

Birdie Juice Tube Flask: is my all-time favorite gift to give, with leather outer and 4 attached shot cups.  Celebrate her birdies in style with this unique, larger sized 12 oz tube shaped flask.  “Birdie Juice” embossed on the side. Fill it with her favorite libation and put a bow on it! $29.  https://skorzie.com/products/birdie-juice-flasks

Birdie Juice 12 oz Flask

 Golf necklace and Blingy Ball Marker Pendant: Beautiful stainless steel multi-chain necklace that doesn’t fall too low to interrupt a golf swing.  Blingy magnetic pendant can be used as a hat clip or attached to the necklace with your favorite ball marker. Necklace $28.50: https://skorzie.com/products/multi-chain-golf-necklace?_pos=1&_sid=c735b1da9&_ss=r

 Golf Necklace

Pendant: $11.99: https://skorzie.com/products/magnetic-hat-clip-or-pendant-with-rhinestone-border-for-ball-marker?_pos=2&_sid=c735b1da9&_ss=r

Golf Necklace Ball Marker Pendant

Wonder Woman Head Cover:  Eye-catching Wonder Woman look-alike is soft, washable, and functional. Designed to fit a 460cc driver. Bring the super-heroine to her game! $30.   www.pgatoursuperstore.com

Wonder Woman Club Cover

 Golf Hats with Attitude: Baseball caps that make us chuckle: “Kiss My Putt”, “Talk Birdie to Me”  or “Birdie Girl” will add fun attitude to her game. $26.00 https://skorzie.com/collections/golf-accessories/products/kiss-my-putt-ponytail-cap?_pos=4&_fid=55c40f98b&_ss=c

Kiss My Putt Cap

If baseball caps aren’t her thing, see the packable sun visor, which rolls up to store in a golf or put in your travel bag. Unique Velcro opening. No need to adjust your hair to put on your hat. One size fits most, 80% polyester 20% paper Spot clean UV and protection. $15.50 https://skorzie.com/products/david-and-young-packable-sun-visor?_pos=44&_sid=881aab1b0&_ss=r

 David and Young Packable Sun Visor  David and Young Sun Visor

Golf Marker Caddy by Partee Girl Golf: is constructed of synthetic leather and lined with velvet. The magnetic insert safely protects and stores her collection of ball markers and hat clips in a sleek holder. Never lose ball marker magnets again. Under $40. https://www.parteegirlproducts.com/womens

G-Lifestyle Sun Protection Long Sleeve Golf Shirts: A brand designed for comfort and protection with a buttery knit fabric and mesh underarms. The prints are like artwork and made with high tech sun protection, menthol cooling technology. Fast drying, wicking, UPF 50+ and antimicrobial fabric. Averaging $90. https://skorzie.com/collections/golf?filter.p.vendor=G-Lifestyle

Sunday Golf Loma Bag: A high quality featherweight golf bag to carry 4-6 clubs needed for play around the greens. Attached to a regular bag, it's grab and go as she heads to her ball! She is less likely to leave clubs behind around the greens! Starting at $120. www.sundaygolf.com

Sunday Loma Grab and Go Golf Bag