Eileen’s Favorite Game Changers


After three decades of playing the game of golf (ugh showing my age again) I have discovered a few tips and tricks to make the experience better in some meaningful way. I have curated a list of unique items that have become an important part of my game on and off the course! It’s fun to share these game changers with my buddies and customers. SKORZIE is not only a site offering amazing prices but also a platform to share fun finds that add zest to our lives as active women. Ideas suggested in this article are born out of both physical needs or my love of a particular item.  This isn’t about top name brands…it’s the opposite really.  It’s about those products you stumble upon that you subsequently cannot do without or at least you are grateful to have discovered them.

This is a rundown of my own discoveries. I would love to hear from you about your favorite finds that you may want to share with SKORZIE. Perhaps we can provide a link to them or secure them at a great price and add them to our website.

I begin with a “must have in by golf bag” item.  This product rarely makes an appearance, and frankly it's an option of "last resort". When I need it, wow, it’s truly a gamechanger. This is the PStyle.  

 It’s one of the most liberating products for women.  With the PStyle you can pee like a man.  Yep, standing up.  No need to drop pants, shorts or skort…slide it under clothing and voila!  I can literally write (pee) my name in the snow with this product!  While I do not endorse peeing on golf courses outside of a bathroom, emergencies can occur!

 I keep one in my hiking bag and car for urgent situations as well. These are inexpensive gadgets (under $12) and worth every penny.  I practiced in my bathroom the first time I used it and was glad I did.  It’s simple! I’ve actually tried a few different female urination devices and found this one to be the easiest to use and also longer lasting (it does not lose it’s shape).  Buy them now at SKORZIE:  PStyle

2.  My second great find is the ParTeeGirl Ball Marker Caddy. Like many of you, I own a plethora of ball marker magnets that I match to outfits. Until I discovered the ParTeeGirl Ball Marker Caddy, mine lived in a ziplock bag.  Not anymore!

 This original and pretty carrier is constructed of leather-like material lined with velvet. There is a magnetic insert that safely protects and stores your collection of ball markers and hat clips in a sleek carrier. It makes for a great lady golfers gift too.  You can get them at:  www.parteegirlproducts.com

3. Next are my favorite sunglasses. This Collection is named after and designed by LPGA star Paula Creamer (winner of the US Women’s Open Championship among others) and garners compliments not only from me, but from women golfers all over the globe.  These awesome glasses are crafted by Sundog Eyewear (unique lens technology, performance glasses) and confidently showcases Paula’s perspective on both style and performance.  I’ve been wearing mine for years….even buying two sets of my favorite, so that one lives only in my golf bag.  Buy them now at a terrific 50% off retail price!  Paula Creamer Sunglasses

4. My favorite list is not complete without a mention of Black Clover Live Lucky hats and visors.  They find a place on this list because they are great quality of course, but more important is that they have our SKORZIE attitude of living life to it’s fullest.  The lucky clover logo sums it up and the motto embroidered in each hat is designed to inspire and invite its owner to enjoy life, embrace every day, and Live Lucky!  We are now offering them at great SKORZIE prices: Live Lucky Hat

5. Lastly on this list is probably the most important item of all….my relief potion, Marijanes Hemp CBD oil. This product is pharmaceutical grade, raw and unrefined.  While this oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, scientists have discovered that certain components of marijuana, including CBD, are responsible for pain-relieving effects. There are no mind-altering components in this product, just a healthy alternative to pain killers.   No frills packaging,


Marijane’s is the best of the CBD oils that I have tried…and I have given many a chance.  This wonderful oil cured my tendonitis.  I use it for sore and/or inflamed areas all over my body.   I rub it in and relief follows.  At $40 an ounce it is one of the most reasonably priced pharmaceutical grade CBD oils on the market.  Try it now athttps://skorzie.com/product/mari-janes-hemp-cbd-oil/