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Discount Fashion Hunting: A Fun Sport!

Discount Fashion Hunting:  A Fun Sport!

For many, bargain fashion shopping is a bonafide sport.  Some sense victory each time they score a great find at an incredibly low price.  Expression of style and feeling great is most rewarding on a sensible spend.  What fun!

For me, visiting a big city almost always includes a trip to a quality consignment store in pursuit of “sport” hunting for fashion gems.  I get such a kick out of a compliment bestowed on me when wearing an incredibly priced and beautiful “repurposed” garment that someone else couldn’t use.

One can partake in many of the online consignment sites that are becoming widely popular as they offer a good selection of gently used items.  Great for these companies for offering a format for people to re-purpose unwanted clothes and creating bargains for others who find these items useful.

The problem is there is a lack of sporting apparel at these shops and online sites.  This type of apparel makes up a significant part of an active woman’s wardrobe.  Sure, some stores have a few pieces tossed in with t-shirts and leisure wear, but who has ever been overwhelmed by a selection of golf or tennis wear at one of these sites?

SKORZIE fills that gap.  Our site takes this fashion hunting sport to a new level. Personally, it’s a thrill to launch a website that is focused on the favorite pastimes for so many women to enjoy.  We witness the cutest outfits being shipped out to our clients at bargain prices and it gives us pure joy.  We see the amazing golf, tennis and leisure clothes that women want to sell to others come in our doors and then they are purchased with excitement by others.

Securing close-outs by some of the best sports apparel designers and adding that to our merchandise mix has made our site the best place to hunt for sports-wear bargains. SKORZIE is the first to bring this fabulous mix of close-outs and consigned apparel bargains to the e-commerce marketplace.  We hope you visit us often as your sporting place to score your own fashion finds. We are designing a new fashion hunting game at SKORZIE.  Never pay retail!